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new portal for... art?

2009-06-18 21:20:58 by paavi0

ok now im amazed... i never really believed that newgrounds would make anything like this. (but they did anyway...) when i came to this site and realized what have hapend when i was offline i almost jumped off my seat.

i gotta say that this is freaking cool and now im hoping that this will last as spam free and be filled from atleast decent art

ok... now i will get busy to upload som of my art.

as i readed about this event i tought this would be perfect time to make some team mates. so...

i am animator with about year experience of flash (i have done animations lot earlier than that) and i am looking for composer and actionscript programmer.

if you are intrested to do this power of three project with me just send pm or leave comment here.

ps. you dont need to be some kind of super good to work with me becouse im not super good eather. lets learn from each others. thats what team work is all about, to help each other.

Ustream... possibility... and thanks

2009-05-05 02:54:36 by paavi0

(This link takes you to ustream)
(This link takes you to my Show site)
(This link take you to snapaiĀ“s deviantart profile page)
(This takes you to snapaiĀ“s show site)

after i found out what this site is intrested about possibilities it provides. as there fore id like to ask you what you would like to see.

for now i have tested systems by sending stream pic of me playing "rhythm tengoku" but it has to be somthing else too. i dont believe that enyone could stand that for long. so pklease tel me what would you like to see. im trying to broadcasting at 4 am (yes i wake up early) gmt+2 every day

and now i want to thank snapai becouse without him i wouldnt found ustream. as thank you i putted link to his deviantart profile and to his show site. im telling ya it is worth of checking out.

NG Audio Submission illustration

2009-04-14 06:29:37 by paavi0

... i dunno do i send right message with that title but anyway. i want to if some one of you want "CD" picture to your audio submission im ready to help. no there aint any fees just want to help. all you have to do is ask


2009-02-24 05:10:44 by paavi0

if you somehow ended up to this page then read this:
im going to make rpg game with with rpg maker. i choosed this program becouse i want to focus more on the graphics and less on the programming. im actually going to use som of my desingned character and trying to make lots of new ones.
actuall story aint yet full thinked but lets say main idea is clear. story of the game has its own moral values tells about how greed is starting to affect people around. after that they want more and they are ready to do enything to get more. and that was the start of this story.

as much as i can im trying to make this game personal and im truying to make this story unique as it can be.

here is list of the characters that are in the game (if there is picture of em on deviantart gallery it will youll find link):
-Bubble mage
-Fire warrior (needs better name)
-ying and yang

well actually list would go on for a little but here is some examples

oh and if you want to help you could send send some enemy desing if you want or help me to make this story better or if you have somthing else in your mind you can contact me by sending pm or e-mail (
or leaving comment here.

i gladly take any help that you can offer

well i you dont feel like helping me atleast wish me luck.

Logo poll

2009-01-29 07:57:34 by paavi0

i always have wated my own logo but its not somthing that you change everyday and it also should make good first expression. so it has to be good.

so here you can see 4 difrent my desingned logos.
i want you to tell me which you like the most by sending comment or sendin pm
(you can also sen email at if you dont have Newgrounds account but you somehow ended up to read this)

if i get enough votes for one of these 4 logos i beging to make detailed version of it.

i really hope that you give your vote.

Logo poll

school starts again...

2009-01-06 23:35:08 by paavi0

so... it propaply means that my inspiration finaly wakes up again or sunks to the sea of unknown... er... well still trying to get somthing done...

towards to new year.

2008-12-27 06:54:57 by paavi0

Each of us have been celebrating xmas on our own way. To me that means eating lots of diffrent kind food with family on 24th midnight and of course opening presents after midninght. Thou the food was really good but when present opening time was kind of depressing. Not that i didnt get enything kewl and expensive but when my lilte brother was supose to pick up one present to each of us. After picking them he dropped one and i knew that it was meant for me. Then i heard clearly when present inside broke to apart. Well it was a mug with my name on it and seeing it broken really depressed me. There was same kind of mug to my brothers too of course their own names on them. actually thats why it was so depressing becouse my mothers had said that when she see product where is all of our three names on them she will bought them as our presents. we dont have very usual names. when i saw it i knew this was it. But what i said the i say now. That happens.

but lets forgot that go towards the new year. thou im not going to buy rockets on this year (yeah you can call me cheapskate if you want but let me tell you that i dont have much money to spent after xmas) im still going to see some great show right front of my BALCONY like last year! seriosly people use you brain when when you are sending those rockets. they are explosives and there fore dangerous if they are used wrong way eve those small ones. my lilte brother almost lost his vision becouse some one was recless with em. hande with care and we all can have safe and happy new year.

so be sure to do it right. and for god sake remember that rckets aint meant to be sended from you hand.

The Machine music videos

2008-11-21 05:54:44 by paavi0

these 2 videos will not continue with that name. why? becouse it supose to become serie and word machine close so many options. these will continue with name "musical moment" and after next flash is submitted first 2 will be renamed.

dont worry actuall idea wont change.

preview of next flash

The Machine music videos

just a empty space...

2008-09-29 13:33:20 by paavi0