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animation was smooth and good but there aint much of elements that would make it intresting.

i mean there aint any close situations or music or somthing like that...

5 times row

or 6... dunno. i might have lost count after i was hypnoticed by this flash. but what i know is that this flash runs with really relaxed feeling. what make this even more enjoyable is that this loops smoothly.

one more thing is that you can just watch it and you dont have to every time press replay button when you want to see it on more time. its huge benefit on this kind of submissions.

in nutshell: hypnoticing and beatifull

Gotta love these.

animation is great and music is too. most importan thing between them is idea and its great too. so... what i actually try to say is that i like the way the scenes fit to the music and vise versa.

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i have to say that opening and closing doors has never been this much fun and pretty challenging too. graphics are kind of simple but still great. also i think it is great idea that this block pulls and pushes these doors as it goes by em and not some press button to open the door system.

very amusing game

where should i start...

this game idea is used so many times that i cant even wipe my floors with it becouse that would just make them dirty

worms... yeah so it seems... but you really should make your own graphic instead ripping them from somewhere. oh and it seems like you aint even crediting anyone.

lack of music and sounds... only sound i heard was that blob sound.

so in my opinion this game is really bad.

Hard indeed...

... but not impossible. this is great game but there is only one litle proplem... it starts to loose intrest really quick... why? you ask.. well. about level 15 you have saw same things so many times at those starting to look boring. even some graphic changes could help gain back losted intrest.

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I like melody, it sounds nice.
But that flat bass sounds really off. It just simply spoils the rest.
It propably wouldnt be so bad if the bass were not in so important role.

So i higly recomend to do somthing to the bass, im not sure what,
but im sure that somthing needs to be done.

SmashesCupcakes responds:

Yeah I uploaded a new version but it still seems to not have taken over yet :/

ok... all we need is elevator.

i enjoyed this song and its smooth feeling. eventhought it is bit repetive its still really good song. lets say that i would put this to mu elevator if i had one. :P

Box-Killa responds:

aww thanks man :D. Lol, you better keep your word on that in case you do get one.

thanks for the review man :D

yes i like it

it sounds like a factory with lots of weird looking machines working on somthing mystical (yes i have this weird way to describe sounds with places)

well i give 9/10 becouse i think its missing somthing... im not really sure what. it just doesnt sound right on certain parts compared on others parts of song but overally its great material.

my mission is give visual form to the music.

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